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Why Outsource Your IT Support To MegaMax?

MegaMax delivers all the power and capabilities of your own IT Department, without the hassle and expenses of managing it yourself. Simply put: you get more time to focus on growing your business.

IT Support for Law Firms

Your firm depends on access to your email, your case files, and reliable support when you need it. You need a reliable, trustworthy IT Company that understands the kind of support attorneys need.

IT Support For Medical Offices

Your medical office needs a competent IT Company to ensure your network is secure, you’re complying with HIPAA and HITECH, and providing prompt support to your staff.

How does Preemo provide IT Support for Medical & Dental Offices?

Better patient care starts with secure, timely and accurate communication. When deciding on an IT partner, you’ll want to make sure you choose experts who are well-versed in HIPAA and who will follow all the necessary protocols involved with securing a medical office’s network. Partner with Preemo to solve your healthcare-related challenges. We’ll help you help manage your practice, provide access to research, improve collaborative medicine, streamline communication with your patients and much more with our medical and dental IT support for doctors and dentists.

Keeping up with compliance regulations can be burdensome, but the risk of falling out of compliance results in major fines and other potential legal ramifications. MegaMax keeps track of compliance regulations and always makes sure you never fall out of line.

Network and information security is not just about firewalls and anti-virus software—it’s also about physical security. To be HIPAA compliant, your office must have limited access to patients and the public with control over access to all workstations and electronic media.

MegaMax protects your workstations and devices by implementing encryption, user IDs, automatic log-off for workstations, password protection and other electronic safeguards. We’ll also regularly audit reports and tracking logs of your hardware and software activity.

IT MANAGEMENT & HELP DESK -Includes PCs, tablets, BYOD devices, servers, printers and network devices. -Remote Live Help Desk Support - 9am to 5pm -On-Site Resolution - Within 24 Hours (Same Day Depends on Availability) -24x7 Proactive Network Monitoring and Automated Systems Management -Pre-Scheduled On-Site Support Visits -Managed Anti-Virus -Managed Anti-Malware -Managed Anti-Ransomware -Pre-Scheduled On-Site Support Visits Remote support will be performed via

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